Our vision: “To become a leading and most professional logistic company in the Baltic region.“

The mission of our company: “To be a business partner for a customer, his first choice for logistic solutions determined by a high-level service quality, innovation and versatile flexibility.”

We are certain that greatness of any solution is in its simplicity. This has become an inseparable part of our daily work with the customers. The employees of our company purposefully seek to ensure that:

  • It would be easy to communicate with us - we provide complex solutions in a simple manner;

  • Our solutions would be easy to use as they should be readily comprehensible;
  • It would be easy to control even a complex supply chain through a global network of our partners who ensure a vast range of logistic services;
  • It would be easy with us to warrant the safety of cargoes, therefore, we thoroughly audit all suppliers and choose only those partners who ensure a maximum security of the services as well as credibility.


We believe that a partnership cannot be acquired as it’s being built by listening to the client’s needs and challenges he faces as well as by generating solutions which provide a real value to a client today and foresee his future needs, and the result exceeds the client’s  expectations.


We do not talk about the pursuit to provide our customers with the best services – we simply provide that every day.