Airfreight provides a possibility to deliver cargoes and materials fast and reliably. This is the best option to ensure the continuity of production, prompt execution of orders or one of the lowest costs while delivering small parcels.

We offer the following airfreight services:

  • Export and import from Asia, India, Middle East, North and South American regions;

  • Weekly consolidations in the main Asian, North American and European hubs;

  • Airfreight service variety: Express, Reliable and Economy;

  • Delivery of oversize and heavy cargoes (project shipments);

  • Hazardous shipments;

  • Transportation of animals;

  • High-value goods;

  • Transportation and consolidation of shipments in/within third countries;

  • Sea & Air deliveries;

  • Custom brokerage;

  • Cargo insurance.

By exploring our airfreight services, you will experience the major difference not in the air but on the ground while communicating with our staff and receiving the best quality of the services rendered by our company and partners.

We will do utmost possible delivering each cargo to the destination on time, and what is most important – our staff will pay a special attention serving you.

Services in details
  • Weekly cargo consolidations are formed in the major Asian, North American and European hubs. This provides the opportunity to propose our customers very attractive airfreight rates;

  • General cargo transportation by offering a variety of services (Express, Reliable and Economy). Depending on the urgency of each shipment, we provide customers the most economically reasonable solutions;

  • Consolidation of cargoes in transit or the third countries. This service is relevant for those customers who operate globally and develop effective supply chain links;

  • Transportation between the third countries – this is a service that ensures the most efficient delivery of cargoes to the customers who deal with production and trade in the third countries;

  • Transportation of oversize shipments - we believe that we will find a solution to deliver any shipment to the requested place and time, regardless of the load size and weight;

  • Hazardous cargoes – our certified professionals will ensure the safe transportation of hazardous goods;

  • Temperature controlled shipments – we will design the fastest possible route for temperature controlled goods. As per customer request, we supply a special equipment and materials (dry ice, packaging, sensors) for this kind of transportion;

  • High-value goods - we ensure a safe door-to-door transportation applying special security measures;

  • Animal transportation;

  • Delivery of personal goods;

  • Intermodal service, which combines multiple modes of transport (to / from the Baltic states, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan);

  • Customs brokerage in Lithuania, the EU and other countries, including DDP cargoes to Russia, buying of export licenses in China and the C-PAT agents in the United States;

  • Cargo insurance.

From a small parcel to transportation by charter flights

The customers willing to ensure the flexibility and reliability of their supply chain choose us for the following reasons:

  • Expedition - we know what customers expect of these services;

  • Extensive network of independent agents with vast experience and which is constantly evolving dynamically according to the changing business environment and customer needs;

  • Individual solutions for each customer, having carefully considered his needs and supply chain challenges;

  • Daily departures and 24/7 service availability;

  • Special solutions for the supply chain between the third parties;

  • Constant control of the cargo and prompt reaction on deviations from the initial transportation plan;

  • Innovations – we are constantly studying the market and seeking for the most effective, cost-efficient solutions;

  • Competitiveness which is achieved by collaboration with various agent networks and carriers;

  • Customer cost control which is under our constant supervision and consultancy how to reduce those costs.

We do not talk about the pursuit to provide our customers with the best services – we simply provide that every day.