Cargo insurance
The liability of a carrier is limited depending on the mode of transport. If the cargo is damaged or lost, unfortunately in most cases, it ends with unforeseen customer's losses. We strongly recommend to take additional measures as cargo insurance and control your costs. In cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign insurance companies, we can offer competitive insurance rates and a great variety of insurance coverage to maintain your financial security. We propose all types of cargo insurance (according to Institute Cargo Clause (ICC) A , B or C).
Customs brokerage
MJ Baltic ensures a smooth handling of custom procedures. We suggest using our professional custom brokerage services not only in Lithuania as well as in EU countries, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In Russia, we offer the competitive cargo import and fiscal representation services. For transit customers located in CIS, we provide the service of goods purchase and handling of customs clearance in free zones.

Companies registered in the European Union can benefit using our fiscal agent service and make import clearance in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Latvia.

MJ Baltic on behalf of its' customers takes care about obtaining certificates of origin, phytosanitary and all other required documents.

Customers working with MJ Baltic focus on their main activity while our team takes care of all their logistic issues.

MJ Baltic comprehensive package of logistic services will fully cover cargo handling and distribution needs. Its' scope is following:

  • Cargo re-loading and storage;
  • Sorting, picking and forming of shipments;
  • Repackaging, co-packing of goods, palletizing, wrapping and etc.;
  • Labeling and production of labels (including excise, cargo description, security & etc. labels);
  • Handling of excise cargo;
  • Storage of goods with different temperature regimes;
  • Assembling of goods, testing, certifying;
  • Waste handling after processing;
  • Cargo and vehicle weighing;
  • Other services.
Project Cargo
Professional handling of large size and (or) weight cargoes, their delivery and coordination. Individual solutions for each delivery, consulting of experts at origin, transit and destination countries. Usage of various transportation methods and tools.

Professional loading, lashing and cargo fixing solutions.

Cargo transportation by railway and overland
In pursuit of ensuring a one window approach, we provide transportation services by railway and overland. MJ Baltic actively uses scheduled railway services of Viking and Merkurijus lines carrying containers to Belarus, Russia & Ukraine.

Our team regularly arrange re-loading, consolidation and cargo delivery services by rail wagons to CIS countries.

Vast pool of overland haulers provides a fast and reliable container or cargo delivery in Baltic States and CIS countries.

We do not talk about the pursuit to provide our customers with the best services – we simply provide that every day.