The company MJ Baltic was established in 2007 when the professionals with many years of experience in logistics and a unanimous approach towards the customer service joined the team. Having assessed our most distinct features and acquired knowledge, we have focused on the provision of two major services – seafreight and airfreight.

Upon the expansion of a customer pool and their demand to get a bigger package of services from one supplier, we started providing logistics services which included warehousing, all kind processing and distribution. Due to increasing requirements for freight security, freight insurance coverage was proposed in cooperation with reliable Lithuanian and foreign insurance companies.

Having started the activity just before the global crisis, the company perfectly overcame the challenges posed on it and strengthened its market position even during the turbulent times. The company experience volume growth each year and sustainable increase its financial stability which leads to assurance of our clients that their business partner is highly reliable and enabling them to create long-term co-operation plans and solutions.

Recently the company holds a strong position in the seafreight market, especially in the field of transit traffic supervision. We have gained the trust of numerous large importers from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan markets. A constant increase of airfreight volumes reflects the competitiveness of our services rendered and an efficiency of our created solutions. An increasing customer loyalty, their permanent extension of cooperation contracts and growing diversity of the booked services suggest that we are able to find solutions for each client and, in turn, they get real value by cooperating with us.

Why do our customers choose us?

  • We have a huge experience. We are capable provide professional and practically proven solutions;
  • We put a primary focus on looking into a clients’ business and only then design tailored solutions according to the client’s needs;

  • Our solutions are simply manageable; it doesn’t require any additional human and financial client’s resources;

  • A quality of services rendered and customer service. Our company works under strict operational standards and ensures high-level services of its partners and suppliers;

  • Financial benefit: by cooperating with us, our customers save their time and money. Due to this reason they can focus on what they do best – their main activity;

  • Competitiveness, which is ensured by a constant market observation and a close work with partners. Our cargo volumes enable us to propose our customers a special pricing;

  • Flexibility. We are not constrained by limitations of standard operational procedures and requirement - our clients define our working procedures;

  • We ensure the management of a complex logistic chain in any geographical area.


Supply chain is complex and frequently affected by unpredicted obstacles. We thereto use our experience and expertise knowledge for its successful and effective management. Furthermore, the creativity of our team ensures continuous innovation of ideas and solutions.

We do not talk about the pursuit to provide our customers with the best services – we simply provide that every day.